New waste statistics reveal compost to be most potent solution.

You may have seen the recent report on Greater Tauranga’s kerbside waste. It’s not a super great reflection on Tauranga presently, but it could pave the way for a more sustainable city going forward.

Myself, and a team led by local legend Marty Hoffart and the don of national waste minimization Bruce Middleton sifted through hundreds and hundreds of bags and wheelie bins worth of waste for a whole week. And while it wasn’t the sweetest smelling experience, it certainly is sweet to see the lessons that the wider community stand to take away from our experience. Check out this infographic:

Tauranga Waste Survey Results

Tauranga Waste Survey Results

The first thing you notice is that only a third of what we’re throwing away is actually waste (read: should never have been made in the first place). This huge 69.3% of our total household refuse being ‘divertable’ reveals that two thirds of so called waste is actually a RESOURCE that can diverted away from landfill and reintroduced back into our forms of production. This is a BIG DEAL.

The more we can cycle back into production – the more circular our economy becomes. The more circular our economy becomes – the longer we can stick around on the planet.

Another change in data from the 2013 survey is the increase in organic matter. Over half of what is being thrown away is biodegradable. This means that we at Why Waste have our work cut out for us, because funky food waste is our specialty. Daaaaamn.

Our main solution is the Commercial Compost Collection we provide, enabling BOP businesses to divert around two tonnes per week back into local food producing soils.

Our other solution is aimed at tackling residential food waste – the same waste as in the council survey. The idea is simple, if everyone had a worm farm in their back yard, 35% of the waste from the above survey would disappear. So we need to get people worm farming asap, which is a far better solution for you at home than removal.

For $25 a month, Why Waste will supply a fully functioning worm farm to you at home. Holler at or contact 0220664869

More info on our worm farm hire service here.