DJing and sustainability usually don’t go hand in hand, however that’s what Leo Murray is all about. After 6 years playing music in NZ and around the world, Leo aka DJ Mufasa has returned to the homeland to give back to the community which raised him.


After a decade of sailing across oceans and traversing overland, Leo had the opportunity to see the world through the lense of many different cultures. Staying in communities, working on permaculture projects and attending numerous festivals across six different continents, a deep appreciation for the natural world inevitably developed. None more so than Aotearoa, and in particular the beautiful Bay of Plenty. Conscious of the often careless way we interact with nature, Leo seeks to help create a better design to the current system.


Inspired by permaculture and the rapidly emerging idea of a circular economy, a new project was born. A socially responsible, environmentally ethical enterprise to address the way our community interacts with the land which supports us. Why Waste?


Identifying our linear waste stream as a major compromise to the environment, Why Waste links the end of a products cycle back up to the start – in this case biodegradable waste.


Providing the region with an organic waste collection, businesses (and events) now have the opportunity to divert their organic waste from the landfill, and return it back to the land.