Why Waste Inspire Change is a community outreach project proposing to deliver waste minimisation education in 6 pilot schools by directly involving tamariki in setting up tangible waste minimisation solutions for biodegradable waste (one third of our waste stream in the B.O.P.).

In partnership with gardening in schools organisation PiPS (People and Plants in Schools), Inspire Change transforms school waste into soil, providing organic fertility into the garden programme to grow food with - demonstrating the circular economics of food to waste to soil to food again.

Inspire Change seeks to achieve these outcomes with following initiatives:

  • Work alongside tamariki to co-design collection of biodegradable waste in all classrooms (including staffroom)

  • Teach compost and worm farm solutions to empower tamariki to transform this waste to a resource at school and at home

  • Provide necessary infrastructure to support decentralised waste solutions