Over a third of what we send to landfill is biodegradable. Organic material. You know, natural stuff that isn’t made in a factory.


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Why Waste gets asked to collect compost from urban and suburban customers all the time. A beautiful demonstration that with a little bit of help, people are generally keen to do the right thing by the planet.

We feel that a residential version of our compost collection for businesses isn’t the most appropriate solution to address biodegradable waste at home. It’s a bit of a band-aid, contributing to that notion that there’s this ‘away’ place, where things are to be thrown. I propose we use a more appropriate technique than microbial composting for this particular issue – vermi-composting aka worm farming.



Instead of charging residential customers $12 per bin to take their biodegradable waste away (like we do with businesses), I propose to close the loop and provide a service where people can be part of the solution by processing their waste on site for less than half of that cost per week.

For $25 a month, Why Waste will supply a fully functioning worm farm to your home and service it regularly. This product-as-a-service model is consistent with the circular economy approach, where ‘access’ is more important than ‘ownership’ and the life cycle of a product is the responsibility of the producer, not the consumer …let that one sink in…

Anyway, worm farming not only diverts a households’ food scraps from landfill but converts it into the best fertiliser there is – for you to use at home or to donate to our local community garden partners.

The worm farm hire service would include regular visits by a professional vermicomposting expert, yours truly 🙂

The Hungry Bin is our chosen worm farm, and it’s the best there is. Designed and made here in New Zealand, the Hungry Bin is streets ahead of any other type of worm farm – we know cos we’ve got them all up and running at our Permaculture Paradise in Te Puna.


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