Up to half of what we send to landfill is biodegradable. Organic material. You know, natural stuff that isn’t made in a factory.



We believe that people want to minimise their ecological impact. Why Waste is setting out to empower people to do exactly that with our worm farm hire service. Our subscribers are decreasing negative impact by reducing waste and increasing positive impact by transforming that undesirable material into a precious resource.

Most of the work we do is about awareness and education which, when done well can often spark inspiration. Taking action, paired with well designed solutions can lead to transformation. This is the essence of Why Waste’s approach to creating change.

Awareness – Education – Inspiration – Action – Transformation

“The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It”.

We have some big challenges to face, It is us, here and now that need to act. The planetary boundaries are being crossed, and the climate is becoming increasingly unstable.
What many people haven’t learned is that one of the worst contributors to climate change comes directly from our food and other natural material. When biodegradable waste rots in an anaerobic environment (like a landfill) it produces methane, which is 23 times worse than carbon as a greenhouse gas.

By composting or feeding this waste to worms, we can transform it into something we can never live without – soil.

Why Waste is offering a simple, effective, and affordable solution. Why Waste Worms is a service which seeks to install a network of fully functioning worm farms throughout Aotearoa. Supported by future-thinking individuals and ethical business leaders, this decentralised network of soil makers has the potential to link up every city and town.



We propose to close the loop and provide a service where people can be part of the solution NOW.

For $25 a month, Why Waste will supply a fully functioning worm farm and service it regularly. This product-as-a-service model is consistent with the circular economy approach, where ‘access’ is more important than ‘ownership’ and the life cycle of a product is the responsibility of the producer, not the consumer …let that one sink in… Quality over quantity, and product stewardship is the answer to so many problems surrounding plastics and the proliferation of throwaway consumer goods.

Worm farming not only diverts waste from landfill, but converts it into the best fertiliser there is – for you to use or to donate to our local community garden partners.

The worm farm hire service would include regular visits by a professional vermicomposting expert, who guarantees the success of the worm farm population and does all the messy work – all included in the subscription fee. All our subscribers need to do is lift the lid and put the worm food in.

This solution is working for businesses and homes alike, and our list of subscribers is growing every week. We’ve got worm farms on apartment balconys, office foyers, in garages and countless backyards, out the back of cafes and inside supermarkets. Our list of subscribers is growing every week here in the Bay of Plenty, and in 2019 we’ll be servicing worm farms further afar.

We’d love your support getting the word out, or better still sign up today through this registration form.


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