Founder STORY

Leo Murray sustainability consultant.jpg

Why Waste started off in 2014, when Leo Murray began collecting skanky food waste in his van in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui. The collection is no longer happening, but the lessons learned have helped the project grow.

Growing up sailing across oceans and traversing overland, Leo Murray has seen the world through the lens of many different cultures. A degree in Political Science and International Relations revealed the multi-faceted range of problems we face on earth, however this formal education presented few solutions.

Fighting the uphill battle of social and political activism, Leo's frustration with our species paired with a deep appreciation for the natural world revealed a more fulfilling form of advocacy; Permaculture.

Driven by the fascinatingly diverse and beautiful web of relationships that form the natural world, Leo's active role as a changemaker and thought leader in Aotearoa manifests in similar ways - designer, organiser, facilitator, performer, teacher, activist and visionary.

Widely known as a ‘vibe architect’ for his dedication to creative culture and celebrating change, Leo’s boombastic DJ alias ‘Mufasa’ provides the soundtrack to visionary events, transformational festivals and community activations.

Now based in Mount Maunganui and driving his socio-ecological enterprise Why Waste, there is significant momentum toward creating a kind of world worth saving. By acting out of love rather than fear of what he stands to lose, the social tapestry of Leo’s network features the greatest hearts and minds of his generation. Pollinating and nurturing this diverse web of interconnected and active future leaders for over a decade, a new story for humanity is beginning to emerge - and fuck it’s fun!

Prototyping a new way of being in the world, it’s sexy and baddass and it’s abundant and nourishing all at once. You are welcome to join the party.