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 A $25 monthly subscription to Why Waste Worms INCLUDES:

  • A fully functioning worm farm, set up on site.

  • All the relevant signage and information

  • Phone and email support

  • Regular servicing from our worm farm specialist

  • No heavy handed contracts - opt out of the service anytime

Once you’re set up - you put the waste in the top, and we do the rest.

We guarantee the success of the worm population and the life of the worm farm itself. This product-as-a-service model is consistent with the circular economy approach, [which reduces consumer culture by increasing quality over quantity],

If it’s not working properly, we fix it, or replace it with one that is.


When food scraps go to landfill they don’t decompose as nature intended.


Over half of our waste at home is biodegradable

a worm farm can transform this problem into valuable outcome - fertile and living soil.


When food scraps go to landfill they don’t decompose as nature intended. Starved of oxygen they break down anaerobically, producing methane gas - which is 30 times worse than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. As if that wasn’t enough, this process also produces leachates which toxify our soils and water.

Worm farming not only diverts waste from landfill, but converts it into the best fertiliser there is – for you to use or to donate to our local community garden partners.

This solution is working for businesses and homes alike, and our list of subscribers is growing every week. We’ve got worm farms on apartment balconies, office foyers, in garages and countless backyards. We’ve even got worm farms out the back of cafes and inside supermarkets.

Our web of soil making subscribers is spreading throughout New Zealand like peanut butter on toast. If you are in the upper North Island and you’d like to get on board fill out our sign up form - or if you would like to explore the potential of the service somewhere else, email us to discuss. Invoices are sent quarterly, with revolving 3-month agreements that you can opt out of anytime.

If you are already worm farming but know someone else who would enjoy our service - please refer us! We’re much better at minimising waste than marketing, so we’d love your support spreading the word.



Fill out the form below to register for the Why Waste Worms service.
Currently we are servicing the Upper North Island only, but we’d still love to hear from you as Why Waste Worms will be going nationwide very soon and we’d love to stay connected.