Speaking & WORKSHOPS

Leo’s knack for directing group attention towards shared learning is obvious and invisible at the same time. A gifted facilitator and articulate speaker, Leo’s ideas are steeped in experience and shared in a way that people can relate to. Perforating powerfully held spaces with sporadic humour and remarkable vulnerability, Leo’s workshops often bear ‘a-ha moments’ and attract the same people again and again. Common reflections have themes of clarity, inspiration, empowerment and action orientation. A curious learner, a generous teacher, and a leader with a vision.

Events including New Frontiers, NZ Spirit Festival, Aum Festival, Prana Festival, Living the Change Panel Discussion Tour, Kiwiburn, Ignition Festival, Tauranga Garden & Arts Festival, Vegan Vibes, School Strike for Climate, Earthbeat Festival, Resolution Festival.

Leo has experience speaking to all ages from adults, to high school students and primary school kids.




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The Sustainability of Finance

Seeing our everyday exchanges and transactions through the invisible structures of permaculture, alternative models for finance begin to emerge. Future leader Leo Murray discusses the systems of value which unite us, as well as separate us as human beings.


Beyond Sustainability

What are we sustaining? Can living with less really mean living with more? Sustainability Consultant Leo Murray reflects on the shortcomings of the environmental movement, adjust the bar for sustainability and re-frame our uncertain future.

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Tiny Houses and Low Impact Living

Millennials are the first generation ever to have lower standards of living than their predecessors. Fact. But does this mean lower quality of life? According to permaculture designer and tiny house designer/owner Leo Murray, it so much more. Find out how through this inspiring and engaging workshop covering alternatives to food, shelter and land access, with a focus on right livelihoods and low impact living.  



Gardening in Schools

Leo is a guest teacher on the PiPS (People, Plants in Schools) and also has experience teaching gardening to adult learners. Leo’s passion for growing food and building soil is infectious, resulting in an informative and empowering experience.



Paamu Noke/Worm Farming

An exploration into the fascinating world of worms and vermi-composting. A hands-on workshop dedicated to minimising waste and empowering home-scale solutions. Great for kids!



Adult Workshops

Educating adults through interactive half, one or two day workshops with Leo and his extended community. Topics include:

Going ‘Beyond Sustainability
A big picture look at life on Earth

Ecological self discovery
Emerging our Inner and outer ecologies

Community Building and Design
The ‘invisible structures’ of Permaculture

Non-Violent Communication
Tools for compassionate relationships (NVC)

Social Economics
Alternatives systems of value and exchange

Living the Change
Empowered tools for a values-aligned life

Appropriate technology
Tools and techniques for a thriving and resilient existence

Hands-On Organic Fertility
Nutrient cycling through living systems

Holistic Management Decision Making
Addressing causes, not symptoms in life

Finding your Purpose
Revealing your true calling

Tiny House Life
Small space architecture and minimalist theory

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