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Re:Generate - A Party with a Purpose

Before I got wound up creating change, I used to party for a living. You can only do that for so long before it becomes a bit meaningless - so I became obsessed with my current work in search for purpose. Recently I launched a concept which bridges these two worlds, and it went really well!

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Reduce your waste and help local schools minimise waste and grow food

Over 50% of our waste is biodegradable. Organic waste to landfill degrades our water, pollutes our air, and robs our soil of life. You can transform the problem into the solution by feeding this waste to worms and building soil with our easy and affordable service. Get a year subscription to our worm farm hire during May to contribute to Inspire Change, our social impact initiative reducing waste and growing food in local schools.

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The NZ Permaculture Hui through Leo’s lens.

To see our society as a tree, and understand the pre-colonial settlement of our whenua as the roots of that tree. Since the hui, I’ve formed some beautiful relationships here in the rohe that I live in. I am seeking to learn their story out of curiosity and care in the hope that a contextual awareness can inform the way I approach bioregional biculturalism, and beyond that help transition Aotearoa into a new way of inter-cultural interbeing.

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