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Make worm tea for your garden 

Now is the time to be preparing your garden beds for Spring planting. Worm tea is the best natural fertiliser for your plants. It is far superior to chemical fertilisers, which contain pesticides and herbicides, that burn the soil and kill beneficial microbes. Worm tea adds beneficial microbes, and the microbes puts nitrogen back to the soil; making it available for plants to absorb. It’s a great way to boost your garden!

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Seven Sharp video about our community built Tiny House

The article takes special interest in the method that we used to build the house initially. Over two weeks we had 14 participants come and live with us, paying to learn from the best Tiny House builders out about small space architecture and tiny house construction. We know three of those workshop participants who have built/are building their own tiny houses, so it’s a great way to spread knowledge and gain inspiration.

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